Sunday, April 22, 2012

Themes.... How I Love Themes

I am a list maker, a budget maker, an organizer. My home is not spotless, not by far, but at least I know that everything from shoes to pillowcases to Boxtops, has a place to go when it's time to clean. I'm also a theme person. I have a theme for my kitchen and a theme for my living room. My bathroom rugs match the shower curtain. As a matter of fact, my traveling mug matches my coat and my cellphone. I like things that correspond to one another and that follow patterns. Oh, how I love my Pinterest page... all those little themed folders!

I'm not sure what that says about my personality type, but I am what I am.

When it comes to events like birthday parties or weddings I get so excited about having a central theme. This can be as complex as "Elizabethan" or as simple as "Daisies".

My son's 8th birthday was "Super Hero" themed and not only was the party fun, the process of planning it was fabulous. The internet is full of brilliant people who come up with the cleverest of ideas for just about any kind of party. The theme of a party touches every portion of it, from food, music, decorations, the dress code, etc.

After my son's party, several folks in the neighborhood asked for help in the creation of their own events. I helped one neighbor put on a "Rock Star" themed birthday party for her niece and a friend asked for creative help with her wedding. I have also been tasked with contributing to Halloween parties and religious holidays. And it's always fun!

The purpose of this blog is to just talk about this process, show off the outcomes of a few of them, and to share ideas I happen to stumble across.

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